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Submissions for 2020-2021 are open.

** No new applications are being accepted for the Arts Conservatory at this time.

9/30/2020 - Submitting arts referrals for fall submission

(Fall auditions may be cancelled/deferred until spring)

11/20/2020 - Submitting intellectual referrals (8th graders)

(No testing will be done until schools reopen)

3/13/2021 - Parent Conference 

3/25/2021 - Submitting arts referrals for spring submission

3/25/2021 - Submitting intellectual referrals (6th/7th graders) 

Parent Resources

Ms. Miller is available to speak at parent meetings and/or to offer parents classes. Please contact her if you are interested. 

Teacher PD

Please submit GATE hours to Ms. Miller. As a reminder, GATE core teachers must complete 16 hours each year; administrators must complete 4 hours per year. (This is currently optional as the requirement has been waived during Distance Learning.)

October 24, 2020 - GATE Symposium
TBD - PDK Teacher Conference (Walter Reed)
TBD - LA City/County GATE Conference 

Salary Point Classes: Sign up on MyPLN

Online classes: Search under GATE then pick the books icon

Referral Process:

During the first month of school, we will be giving students a chance to settle in and then we will begin identifying which students might qualify for GATE Intellectual and arts assessment. Anyone (parents, teachers, etc.) may recommend a student for consideration, but a school screening panel (which includes administrators, teachers, and other qualified personnel) will evaluate the student's qualification to make a final decision on who should be submitted for testing. If a student is selected for assessment, we require a parent consent form be signed before the process can continue as it is illegal to administer an intelligence test or an arts evaluation without parent permission.

Intellectual Assessments:

After we submit the paperwork, a district psychologist is assigned to administer the test. The district is generally quite overwhelmed with applications, and in the past there has been a backlog of 4-8 months before the psychologist actually comes to test. (I find this wait is generally shorter if we submit applications in bulk, so I generally wait until we have completed the site evaluations so that we can submit everyone’s application at the same time.) Once testing is completed, it has generally taken me another 1-2 months to get the results, so do not be frustrated if it takes some time before I can get you the results.

AT PRESENT, NO ASSESSMENTS CAN BE GIVEN UNTIL WE ARE BACK AT SCHOOL. Students will be tested in the order in which they were referred (with those students who were scheduled to be tested on March 16, 2020 to be the furst ones tested when schools reopen).

Arts Assessments: 

After we submit the paperwork, the district GATE program will contact families directly with the details of the GATE test. (This is NOT done through the school!) If you do not hear from the district within 10 days before the exam date, please let me know or contact the GATE Department directly at 213/241-6500. Please note that in some cases, arts evaluations made be deferred to the next testing date because of the number of applicants exceeded the testing capacity. 

TESTING IN THE ARTS IS DEPENDENT ON SCHOOLS REOPENING IN TIME FOR AUDITIONS TO BE HELD. Both Fall and Spring auditions dates are tentative at this point.

A bit about Walter Reed's GATE program:

I work with the administration and the counselors to try and ensure that everyone is placed in an appropriately challenging academic schedule. Any child who is identified gifted should be placed in honors and/or S.A.S. (Advanced Studies) classes for the subjects in which they have been identified. (For example, a child who is gifted in math is entitled to an honors math class, but they may not be able to handle the rigors of an honors English class.) The teachers in these classes are trained in the needs and teaching techniques for gifted students. This training is updated annually.

Please note that a student does not require GATE Identification to be eligible for participation in any of our GATE programs; if they have evidence of potential qualification (i.e. academic records such as report cards/standardized test scores, etc.), teacher recommendations, and/or other such evidence), we may be able to enroll them in one of our GATE programs even without an LAUSD GATE identification.

Thanks for all of your support, and if I can help you in any way, please let me know at



Students can qualify in 7 different areas of giftedness in LAUSD: 

Intellectual (Regular, Highly Gifted Applicable, Highly Gifted)

High Achievement (based on the OLSAT or SBAC)

Specific Ability (in English or math)

Visual Arts (requires a portfolio)

Performing Arts (Vocal, Drama, or Dance)



More resources are available from Ms. Miller in room 131. 

Teacher Resources


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